Blues Rock

      Love Got Me - Tony Rondini (Gamache/Rondini - BMI)
      Anytime Now - Tony Rondini (Gamache/Rondini - BMI)
      Own It - Tony Rondini (Gamache/Rondini - BMI)
      Don't Hand Me Down the Blues (Wayne Gamache) - Gamache/Rondini/Messier (BMI)
      No Time for Making Up Time - Gamache/Rondini (BMI)
      Why? - Gamache/Rondini (BMI)
      Is There Something I Should Know - Gamache/Rondini (BMI)
      No Use for the Blues - Tony Rondini (Gamache/Rondini - BMI)


Singer Songwriter

      Dance With Me, Angel - Gamache/Messier (BMI)
      I Can't Kill Your Love - Gamache/Messier (BMI)



      Overdrive - Gamache (BMI)
      Gimme Some - Gamache/Rondini (BMI)
      One New Song (Jessica Pierson) - Gamache/Messier (BMI)
      She's So Damn Nice - Gamache/Messier (BMI)
      Only In It for the Laughs - Gamache/Messier (BMI)
      Screw It Let's Ride - Gamache/Messier/Porri (BMI)
      Sometimes Heros Fail - Gamache/Messier/Porri (BMI)
      Middle Class Dream - Gamache/Porri (BMI)
      Goin' Nowhere Fast - Gamache/Porri (BMI)
      Grand Theft Auto Ride - Gamache/Messier/Porri (BMI)
      Supercharged - Gamache/Messier/Porri (BMI)
      Red Balloon - Gamache/Messier/Porri (BMI)
      Today's the Day - Gamache (BMI)
      Hound Dog - Gamache/Cannata
      Oh Yeah!! - Gamache/Porri (BMI)
      Who's That Man? - Gamache/Porri (BMI)
      Winning's Only the Beginning - Gamache/Messier/Porri (BMI)


Punk Rock

      Toys - Gamache/Porri (BMI)


Country Pop

      Armed & Dangerous - Gamache/Prosco/Terry (BMI)
      Life's Not the Same - Gamache/Paquette (BMI)
      My Little Bit of Everything - Gamache/Julian (BMI)
      Things We Didn't Say - Gamache/Paquette (BMI)


R&B/Latin Pop

      K.I.S.S Me - Gamache/Julian/Lester (BMI)
      Keep Playin' Me - Gamache/Julian/Lester (BMI)
      Playin' For Keeps - Gamache/Julian/Lester (BMI)
      Show Me - Gamache/Julian/Lester (BMI)
      Somethin' bout U (Jessica Pierson) - Gamache/Julian/Tammaro (BMI)
      Your Girl's Got a New Attitude - Gamache/Julian/Lester (BMI)



      Big Sexy Hair - Instrumental - Gamache/Paquette/Rondini (BMI)
      Emergency! - Gamache/Rondini (BMI)
      Highway Rock - Gamache/Rondini (BMI)
      Liar on the Loose - Instrumental - Gamache/Paquette/Rondini (BMI)
      Rolling Hills - Gamache/Rondini (BMI)


Sound A-like

      Anytime Anywhere USA - Gamache/Chapin/Prosco (BMI)
      Hide & Seek - Gamache/Julian (BMI)
      I've Gotta Girl - Gamache/Julian (BMI)
      Love You Like My Car - Gamache/Julian (BMI)



      I'm Too Horny (For My Own Good) - Gamache/Chapin/Fraser (BMI)
      Two Men in Love - Gamache/Prosco (BMI)
      Well Sung - Gamache/Julian (BMI)