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MANSION ROAD MUSIC (BMI) Press Release : July 1, 2023

We are proud to announce the release of “Music From Mansion Road” by Gamache – Marak –  Messier

We recommend the following tracks for your consideration:

Track 1: Harley Springer

Track 7: Over You, Over Me

Track 10: True Blue Faith

Track 13: Crazy to the Core

This 14 song CD includes a mixture of Rock, Pop Rock, Power Pop and Ballads

This new CD is a compilation of compositions from the Wayne Gamache, Tom Marak and John Messier as individuals and songwriting teams. All songs were produced and arranged by Gamache and Marak, who played on all of the songs with help from a variety of guest artists; and mixed by Jeff Cannata at Oxford Circus, Hamden, CT.

Recorded at Origin Recording Ltd.,  with memorable lyrics and catchy melodies, Wayne, Tom and John have teamed up to create a CD that takes one through many emotions. With ballads of love (Keep Love Simple and True Blue Faith), missing old friends (Dear Friend and Free Hawk Fly), rockers (Springsteen like Radio Baby and Harley Springer, pop rockers -Heart on the Line and In time to Catch the Wind), fun tunes (Crazy to the Core and the maybe not so light hearted Octopus), and songs about failed/new relationships (Never Go Back, Now That She’s Gone, Soul Crusher and Over Me, Over You) the listener has the opportunity enjoy the many aspects of these talented songwriters and performers, while perhaps delving into their own feelings on love, death and relationships.

Great song writing and musical talents are demonstrated on every track.

Check it out, and  we’re sure you will you’ll agree this is another great listen from Mansion Road Music!

This CD is available for streaming and purchase at many Music

Internet locations including:

Streaming and Downloads at – Apple Music,  Amazon, Spotify, and most other music digital services.

Mansion Road Music (BMI)

Wallingford, CT 06492

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