Wayne Gamache

      THE TRUTH WILL EXPLODE - Gamache/Messier (BMI)
      I CAN'T GET AWAY WITH A THING - Gamache/Messier (BMI)
      Overdrive - Gamache (BMI)
      Don't Hand Me Down the Blues (Wayne Gamache) - Gamache/Rondini/Messier (BMI)
      A Woman is a Gambler - Gamache/Messier (BMI)
      It Should Be Easy (Wayne Gamache) - Gamache/Pierson/Messier (BMI)
      Voodoo Woman - Gamache/Prosco (BMI)
      One F-You - Gamache/Messier (BMI)
      C'mon & Get in the Game - Gamache (BMI)
      A Bad Dream - Gamache/Porri (BMI)

Jessica Pierson
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      One New Song (Jessica Pierson) - Gamache/Messier (BMI)
      It Should Be Easy (Jessica Pierson) - Gamache/Pierson/Messier (BMI)
      Somethin' bout U (Jessica Pierson) - Gamache/Julian/Tammaro (BMI)
      Sneaky Bad (Jessica Pierson) - Gamache (BMI)
      Your Girl's Got a New Attitude - Gamache/Julian/Lester (BMI)
      K.I.S.S Me (Jessica Pierson) - Gamache/Julian/Lester (BMI)

Tony Rondini
NO USE FOR THE BLUES—CD-Released-April, 2015—One Brick Wall-OBW15001
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      Is There Something I Should Know - Gamache/Rondini (BMI)
      Anytime Now - Gamache/Rondini (BMI)
      No Use for the Blues - Gamache/Rondini (BMI)
      Love Got Me - Gamache/Rondini (BMI)
      Own It - Gamache/Rondini (BMI)

PGM Experience

      Who's That Man? - Gamache/Porri (BMI)
      Dance With Me, Angel - Gamache/Messier (BMI)
      I Can't Kill Your Love - Gamache/Messier (BMI)

Reena Hart
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      I'm Counting On You (Reena Hart) - Gamache/Pierson/Messier (BMI)
      Simple Song - Reena Hart (BMI)
      There's More To Come - Reena Hart (BMI)

Don Pierson

      I'm Counting On You (Pierson) - Gamache/Pierson/Messier (BMI)
      It Should Be Easy (Don Pierson) - Gamache/Pierson/Messier (BMI)

Les Julian

      Do the Dragon Dance - Gamache/Julian (BMI)
      The Mad Zapper - Gamache/Julian (BMI)

Lenny Paquette

      Credit Cards & Cadillacs (Lenny Paquette) - Gamache/Paquette (BMI)
      She Dances Alot - Gamache/Paquette (BMI)
      Sounds of Music - Gamache/Paquette (BMI)

Mary Beth Sippin

      Back in My Hometown - Gamache/Nemeth (BMI)
      It Doesn't Matter Who's to Blame (Mary Beth Sippin) - Gamache/Santos (BMI)
      Love Me Tonight (Mary Beth Sippin) - Gamache/Prosco/Burrell (BMI)